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Re: Fedora's intended target audience?

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
the 7.1 update adds a lot better support for radeon and for Intel video
and even 2D nvidia... Intel video has a market share of about 50%,
radeon of about 20%.... that's not numbers you can ignore in the "you
ignore the users" comment. To some degree NOT doing this update is
ignoring the users.

Users who want this support are free to upgrade to FC6 once it's released. That's how new features are usually introduced, in new releases not in past ones.

Actually, I, for one, can't wait to get Xorg 7.1 for FC5. I have a radeon card in my system and will benefit from the progress made to the radeon driver in 7.1. ATI's binary driver does not work as well as the floss driver for me. Sure I'm missing 3D atm, but at least I can keep my system up and running for days and days, suspending and resuming without too much hassle.


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