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RE: Fedora's intended target audience?

First we try desperately to educate users that they should always update,
even write pretty applets for it and other programs that make this possible

Then we tell them that they have to master editing config files and learn
about exclude-lists? Sounds puzzling to me still :-)

Choice is encouraging people to upgrade to RHEL, or FC6, taking away choice
is putting things in updates that people without our tech knowledge would
never suspect

Ps, on the list I've seen a few times @redhat.com's suggesting changing to
RHEL, which sounds as good as a solution to me as a @microsoft.com's
suggesting upgrading to Windows XP .. in both  cases they take away some of
the merit of the argument your trying to make

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Chris Chabot wrote:
> I thought Linux was all about choice .. so why are we arguing about taking
> away this choice?
> ... I'm puzzled ...

Choice is right there to ignore the xorg updates or choose a more 
conservative distribution like perhaps RHEL?


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