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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

On Thu, 27 Jul 2006 15:22:49 +0200
Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <d jacobfeuerborn conversis de> wrote:

> The users will get all those benefits when they update to/install FC6. 
> Releasing new and incompatible versions isn't the problem the problem is 
> doing so as update for past seemingly stable releases breaking user 
> configurations knowingly.

Just as users do not have to update to FC6 to get a new kernel, they should
not have to upgrade to FC6 to get a new X.

> FC5 seems to do fine with Xorg 7.0 as it is and if people want to live on 
> the bleeding edge this is what rawhide is for. I doubt that hurting your 
> own community like that can be called a "reasonable course of action" under 
> any circumstances.

It's not hurting the community.  It's helping all those users that will
benefit from the improvements found in 7.1.  Those users that use binary-only
drivers have several ways to deal with it.  They (and the 3rd party repos
delivering binary drivers) are responsible for making sure they aren't "hurt"
by this update.

> I'm not holding my breath but one can hope I guess. Anyway since the 
> central argument against this push keeps getting ignored (introducing 
> breakage in stable releases as opposed to rawhide) and since I run neither 
> FC5 nor a proprietary driver I'll just let it go and we can agree to 
> disagree on the fedora update policies in this particular case.

This update does not introduce any breakage to open source software.  It
is an improvement meant to help users.  Users of binary only drivers with
systems that are properly configured will not experience any breakage

Any users that do experience breakage should be helped to make sure that
further updates don't cause a problem in the future. But open source users
should not have to pay a price of because others are using binary-only
drivers and don't have their systems configured properly to deal with X


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