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Re: Fedora's intended target audience?

On Thu, 27 Jul 2006 14:44:26 +0200
Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> wrote:

> I've been following the AIGLX repository discussion from the sideline.
> And I'm a bit shocked by what I'm reading there. There seems to be
> strong support for releasing Xorg 7.1 as an update for FC-5 even though
> that will break both NVidea and Ati binary drivers. For the records all
> my computers have a radeon 9200 running OSS drivers.

It shouldn't break any systems that are properly configured.  There
are a few ways (already mentioned) for 3rd party repos to ensure that
this X update doesn't cause any problems for their users.

> I think in our effort to make the best opensource OS we're loosing sight
> of one very important aspect: the people for who we make that OS.

Don't think anyone is losing sight of the people for whom the OS is made.
The discussion is about who is responsible for dealing with problems arising
from the use of binary only drivers.  It's been stated time and again that
nobody is trying to break binary-only drivers.  But if a problem does arise,
it's the responsibility of those providing binary-drivers to ensure a
user-friendly experience.
> But Fedora as an OS is meant to be used by people, right? I mean what
> good is it to create "the very best in free, open source software and
> standards." OS, if almost noone is using it?

Lots of people want to use it.  The fact that some people also want to
use bianry-drivers should not change the core goal you quote.
> So I'm assuming that we are making Fedora to be used by people, lets
> call these people our target audience. I've been searching the wiki for
> a definition of this target audience but I have failed to find it. So
> I'm asking it here, what is Fedora's intended target audience?

The target audience is anyone who finds Fedora useful :o)  In my opinion
it is the very best open source distribution.  It shows just what can be
achieved without any proprietary or encumbered technology.


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