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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 07:05:10 +0200
"Chris Chabot" <chabotc xs4all nl> wrote:

> But they should upgrade to FC6 to get new gcc, new gnome, new .... seriously
> I find the argument 'they shouldn't have to upgrade to get a new X' somewhat
> .. thin

The fact is that there are updates to gcc, gnome and others that have already
been released into FC5 that have nothing to do with security updates.  Not
to mention the kernel update which went from 2.6.15 when FC5 was released to
to 2.6.17 now.  The kernel update in particular seems like a very worthwhile
update to FC5 that goes against your argument.  The X infrastructure is 
similarly important because it affects the number of systems on which FC5
can run with graphic support.

> Either we embrace that we put everyone on a rawhide kind of release cycle,
> with large updates and (relatively major) version changes of the components,
> or we embrace that a release is a somewhat stable platform..

Well, you bring up an interesting point, but it's not what I think really
started this discussion.  It would be a _new_ policy to only release security
patches for each release and not update the kernel or other components at all.

Until such a new policy is embraced we should continue as things have been, with
each update to a release being judged on its own merits to decide if the benefits
are worth the risks.  So far, nobody has identified any risks or downside to
releasing 7.1 into FC5 other than the one thing that really shouldn't affect the
decision at all (that is, the availability of a compatible binary driver).


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