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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

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Chris Chabot wrote:
> From: fedora-devel-list-bounces redhat com [mailto:fedora-devel-list-
>> Just as users do not have to update to FC6 to get a new kernel, they
>> should not have to upgrade to FC6 to get a new X.
> But they should upgrade to FC6 to get new gcc, new gnome, new .... seriously
> I find the argument 'they shouldn't have to upgrade to get a new X' somewhat
> .. thin
> Either we embrace that we put everyone on a rawhide kind of release cycle,
> with large updates and (relatively major) version changes of the components,
> or we embrace that a release is a somewhat stable platform..

I have added many /dev/null filters lately because the Subject: of this crappy
thread keeps changing.

I would like to make a formal request to whoever is the admin of the Fedora
lists. Can someone please tell me who that is?

I would like to propose a fedora-whiners-list redhat com where the whiners can
chat and agree with each other just how Fedora is screwing up their systems
and that they will no longer be able to play Packman after the latest upgrade.
Then they can leave these real lists to do what it is that they are made to do.

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