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Re: Leaving?

On Friday 28 July 2006 08:12, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is not meant as some kinda blackmail to stop the Xorg 7.1 update,
> to be honest at this point I don't care about the 7.1 update anymore.
> And as I said when I started the target audience discussion this was
> never about the 7.1 update. Its about the principle of not knowingly
> having a yum update during a stable release breaks peoples systems,
> especially not with a smile on your face and saying behind those end
> users backs that will teach them not to use binary crap. Because that
> _IS_ what is happening here. Sure there are many advancements in xorg
> 7.1 and I'm not suggesting to leave it out FC-6 even if the binary
> drivers aren't available at FC-6 launch time, but breaking stuff with
> TOTAL disregard to a large group of end users, during a stable's release
> lifetime is IMHO unacceptable. And what worries me is not this single
> instance of breaking, its the attitude behind it and the ease with which
> we (you?) step over the all of a sudden minor problem of seriously
> hurting a significant group of end users.

  Hans note that what you say about a group of users can be said the same way 
about the complementary set.

  In technical terms, people who install third party modules (should) know 
what they are doing. Either they install them directly, and in this case know 
how to avoid the updates, or they use a repository who provides these 
packages and it can be worked to solve the problem as well.

  In philosophical terms to whitheld the release of any package because of the 
(in)actions of a third party seems to me a bad precedent.

> Regards,
> Hans

José Abílio

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