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Re: Leaving?

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 05:53:09 -0400 (EDT)
"Sean" <seanlkml sympatico ca> wrote:

> > Now if the update would get hold back untill that other repo has
> > packages in place which work around this (putting conflicts in the
> > relevant packages and an exclude for the xorg server in yum.conf should
> > do the trick) then we are getting somewhere.
> Again, this would put the release schedule of Fedora software in the
> hands of a proprietary vendor.  This just can't be the way to go.

Hans, i'm sorry I should have read this paragraph a little more carefully.

Maybe a one time delay to allow the repos time to solve this problem once
and for all would be good (perhaps by writing a yum plugin as suggested
by others).

I did suggest earlier that people that care about this problem get busy
right away to solve this issue at the repo and documentation level.  If
real progress in this area was demonstrated by the 3rd party repos and
others, i'm sure it would go a long way to convincing those that make
Fedora release decisions that a short delay was warranted.


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