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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

Sean <seanlkml sympatico ca> wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 07:05:10 +0200
> "Chris Chabot" <chabotc xs4all nl> wrote:


> > Either we embrace that we put everyone on a rawhide kind of release cycle,
> > with large updates and (relatively major) version changes of the components,
> > or we embrace that a release is a somewhat stable platform..

> Well, you bring up an interesting point, but it's not what I think really
> started this discussion.  It would be a _new_ policy to only release
> security patches for each release and not update the kernel or other
> components at all.

That means backporting all kinds of "interesting" stuff. If somebody is
willing to do (or pay somebody doing) that /huge/ and uninteresting job, go
right ahead. Nobody stops you from doing a "stable" Fedora branch (like the
stable kernel series).

> Until such a new policy is embraced

But it /is/ in place in the "enterprise" distributions! Just move over to
one of them and leave Fedora alone. I like it for soon introducing the
latest versions, and I'm are prepared to pay the price in terms of the (up to
here rather minor) annoyances it brings with it.

>                                     we should continue as things have
> been, with each update to a release being judged on its own merits to
> decide if the benefits are worth the risks.  So far, nobody has
> identified any risks or downside to releasing 7.1 into FC5 other than the
> one thing that really shouldn't affect the decision at all (that is, the
> availability of a compatible binary driver).


Better go whine at nVidia, ATI et al to release programming specs or (even
better) open drivers, or even (this would be /really/ nice!) pay someone of
their staff to integrate and maintain said drivers. It is not Fedora's
fault that they aren't doing so. And you'd be making /all/ Linux (and
probably many BSD) users a favor, not just Fedora users.
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