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Re: Leaving?

Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de> wrote:


> The binary/proprietary driver issue is a old as Linux. Nowadays it's ATI
> and Nvidia, in the early days it had been others.

Which ended opening up or being reverse engineered.

>                                                   IMO, there has not
> been any substantial progress on this matter ever since linux exists.

In flaming, no. In actual device support, quite a bit.

> So far, only in very rare occasions previous such "driver crusades" had
> been successful to a measurable extend, but ...

It is rather hard to know how much success this crusade has enjoyed. There
is no way of telling how many providers opened up the specs because of
getting flamed by users, and how many would have done so anyway.

>                                                 the times have changed,
> the Linux hype is over ...

It is just starting making a spash on the desktop, i.e., the place where
graphics (and WiFi) make a difference...
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