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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

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Denis Leroy wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>> I would like to make a formal request to whoever is the admin of the
>> Fedora
>> lists. Can someone please tell me who that is?
>> I would like to propose a fedora-whiners-list redhat com where the
>> whiners can
>> chat and agree with each other just how Fedora is screwing up their
>> systems
>> and that they will no longer be able to play Packman after the latest
>> upgrade.
>> Then they can leave these real lists to do what it is that they are
>> made to do.
> Well let's see, we have a intense discussion with lots of people on both
> sides with sane arguments. So what are you saying ? That they all should
> be moved to your whiners list ? Or only those that are not "on your
> side" (whatever that may be) ? :-)

My "side"? I think that they should go with the updates. And I think the
'drivers' people should NOT install the upgrades. That way the people using
the official release(s) can have the improvements and the 'drivers' people can
continue to play Pacman. Someday NVida, ATI, et al will release new drivers
and then the 'driver' people can install the upgrades too. That seems simple

Announcements? Very few regular users really reads announcements, or list
archives, or release notes, or errata notes or regularly follow the lists.
Have you not seen the same question(s) asked and answered over and over?
Sometimes several times in the same day. Same question(s). Same answer(s)

Since they were 'smart euongh' to install the driver in the first place they
should be 'smart enough' to know what will break it. But maybe now they have
made it too easy to install drivers. It used to be much more difficult. You
had to know what you were doing.

Since they are going to release the upgrades anyway the "whiners list" would
give the 'driver' people a forum to rant their indignation to each other. That
way there would not be any arguments or flame wars and the regular lists could
get back to the important problems.

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