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Re: Fedora target audience, what about the research area? (was Re: Leaving?)

On Friday 28 July 2006 11:29, Laurent Rineau wrote:
> Since Fedora Core 1 has been published, several French public research
> institutes have decided to switch to FC. For example:
>   - the ENS ("École Normale Supérieure") of Paris, has switched from a non
> uniform park of FreeBSD/Redhat/Solaris machines to an almost full exclusive
> park of FC machines,
>   - the Inria ("Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en
> Automatique") of Sophia Antipolis has switched from a home-maintained
> Redhat-6.1 (with a huge /usr/local on NFS) to Fedora Core.

Ew.  Why in gods name would you base 'mission critical' systems on Fedora?  
Easier security updates?  What?  In fedora its more often than not the latest 
upstream version to fix a flaw, not a backport.  Life span is very quick, 
systems will become unmaintained in just a few years time.

Those firms would have been much better off using a (free) enterprise minded 
distribution.  Backported fixes, low churn, 5+ years of maintenance, etc...

Frankly these really aren't the target users of Fedora, and they probably 
should move to another distribution.  Fedora doesn't need world dominance, we 
don't need every user.  Trying to cater to them all is the path to insanity.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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