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Re: Leaving?

On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 09:12:52AM +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm seriously considering switching distro's after the AIGLX and target
> audience discussion. I cannot believe how arrogant most of the replies
> are, saying that if user install any third party software that then that
> thirdparty software is their problem.
> I also find this very hypocrite because normally when any chance
> breaking thirdparty software is proposed for inclusion into the current
> release people start screaming loudly. Like for example any suggestions
> to introduce an update to Extras with an soname chance. But since the
> thirdparty software breaking in this case is non OSS and since some very
> LOUD people happen to dislike the thirdparty software breaking in this
> case, they are all of of a sudden in favor of breaking thirdparty
> software during a what is supposed to be stable release?

The release *is* stable when it works with all of the software distributed.
3rd party drivers are not distributed, but it is at least known that there 
may be problems and an admin or user can take appropriate steps.  That said it 
probably would be helpful to make sure end-users are aware of issues like 

Fedora *is* designed as a testbed, but that is not *all* of Fedora.  There is no reason 
you cannot still use older fedora releases for your users (thanks FedoraLegacy!).  
Yes its great to get the bleeding edge tools, but sometimes its necessary to 
be conservative and continue on an older release until issues that concern you 
are addressed in a newer release.  To me this is part of the fun of using Fedora.
We are all trying to see what works, what doesn't, submit bug, keep the community 
moving.  Its also nice to know that the legacy project keeps us safe if we cannot 
immediately upgrade.  There *are* choices within Fedora.  Its good that you are 
keeping track of what works and does not, and you can remain on FC3/4 until 
you feel comfortable and can move.  Others blaze ahead and run stuff right out 
of the development tree.  that kinda illustrates part of the fedora audience.


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