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Re: Fedora target audience, what about the research area? (was Re: Leaving?)

Le vendredi 28 juillet 2006 à 11:39 -0400, Jesse Keating a écrit :

> Ew.  Why in gods name would you base 'mission critical' systems on Fedora?  
> Easier security updates?  What?  In fedora its more often than not the latest 
> upstream version to fix a flaw, not a backport.  Life span is very quick, 
> systems will become unmaintained in just a few years time.
> Those firms would have been much better off using a (free) enterprise minded 
> distribution.  Backported fixes, low churn, 5+ years of maintenance, etc...

It's not firms it's public IT research institutes and high-level math
universities (google INRIA or ENS)

Of course they don't do research on 5-years-old systems

Of course they want to spend their research money on lab experiments,
not sparcstations or RHEL WS

Of course they want something their students can run in their room.

This being said, they can certainly afford a local Fedora mirror with a
sysadmin which filters updates and blocks xorg 7.1 if they have labs
with nvidia systems.

Nicolas Mailhot

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