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Re: Leaving? ( AKA Fedora Target Audience)

I think this is an interesting discussion that has been raised several times before. So far I can see two camps:

1. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.
2. Care about the" less expert" users. I wonder how many of the FC users are new to linux and want to learn linux. I know that is why I started with Fedora.

The "full speed" groups seems to be of the opinion that NV and ATI will solve the problem if Fedora adopts the Xorg 7.1. Frankly, I think this is a bit naive. ATI & NV have need incentive to move forward for Fedora. If RH did the upgrade that broke the NV and ATI drivers something would happen. (BTW when is RH planning to move to Xorg 7.1, I have no idea how to find that out.)

But the "full speed" has done this before and FC survived. Look at the problems when FC 5 first deployed and the less experienced users could not add packages if they were not attached to the Internet until they learned how to fake out yum. If this is the final path, I hope that people on the forum will be more understanding than when FC 5 first deployed.

I would like to remind the "full speed" group of another clause in the objectives for Fedora;

Emphasize usability and a "just works" philosophy in selecting default configuration and designing features provided by Fedora.

This seems to be broken with the deployment of Xorg in FC5.

Let the Xorg 7.1 be part of FC6. Use the Wiki to include how to upgrade to Xorg 7.1.

Right or wrong. most outside users (and potentially some inside users ) see Fedora as the testing grounds for the next release of RedHat. To alienate them is not a good thing.


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