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Re: Fedora target audience, what about the research area?

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006, Krzysztof Halasa wrote:

Laurent Rineau <laurent rineau__fedora_extras normalesup org> writes:

At the ENS, it is 258 machines, and at the Inria it is 689 machines.

And you tell us they have no central distribution points for updates
and for custom packages, and have no single sysadmin able to, at the
very least, exclude or include whatever is needed for successful
operation of a particular binary driver?

A number of people here use the Livna packages for nVIDIA. I always just build the driver myself. (One of the first things I do is set the default run level to 3 when I install Fedora.)

Of course I don't know if they have NVidia-based cards running NVidia
drivers. Chances are they don't play Doom.

That is not the only reason to install the driver. For nVIDIA, if you want to use the second screen or s-video output jacks, you have to use the commercial driver. You also need it if you switch back and forth from X to console. (Otherwise you get a corrupted screen when you leave X.)

I can believe it might be a problem for part of home users (gamers?)
but a research institute is way too much for me.

Unless you run on a laptop and have to give presentations.

OTOH, I wonder how many people on this list would have a problem
themselves. Especially if livna/etc. provided "conflicting" driver

The problem with nVIDIA and X 7.1 is not a crash, it is screen corruption.

I am coming to the opinion that we need to update anyways, if nothing else to prod the vendors into supporting code that has been out since May. The attitude is that they won't support it until a bunch of people use it. If we say we won't use it until it is supported then we reach a deadlock condition that will not be resolved until the vendor or the distro are rebooted.

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