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Re: Leaving?

Laurent Rineau wrote:
On Friday 28 July 2006 17:26, Jesse Keating wrote:
Only the internal X abi is breaking, nothing that USES X breaks.  Please
try again.

I was thinking about third-party modules for x.org-7.x. I see your point.

Most of those are already in core that can be, for the same reason that all the kernel drivers are in core that can be: the user experience is better if you get drivers for everything straight from install time. We made sure linuxwacom and synaptics were ABI-compatible when we went to 7.1 even though they're not part of Xorg proper.

If you know of any external X drivers we've missed that should be in core, please file bugs. I know we've skipped a couple for lack of Fedora platform support (newport and impact for the SGI MIPS machines, the various Sun drivers for sparc) but there may be others.

If the thought of your closed driver breaking in 7.1 (and inevitably in the future too) has you worried, perhaps you should be communicating your concerns about closed source to the provider of that driver.

As a practical matter, getting 7.1 into FC5 is a bit of a hostile move. I'd _much_ prefer to see the bling repo expanded to just include all of 7.1. But I'm not particularly pleased that I have to compromise for the sake of broken drivers.

- ajax

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