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Re: Leaving? ( AKA Fedora Target Audience)

On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 09:28:37 -0700,
  Harry Smith <thingsmith comcast net> wrote:
> 1. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.
> 2. Care about the" less expert" users.  I wonder how many of the FC 
> users are new to linux and want to learn linux.  I know that is why I 
> started with Fedora.

By which I guess that you mean that camp one doesn't care about less expert
users. I think have misread the sentiments. I think there is a camp that
doesn't care too much about breaking things for people running third party
software that isn't directly supported by Fedora. In this particular case,
they probably get even less sympathy because they are running binary drivers.
The latter isn't especially surprising considering that the emphasis of
Fedora is on free software.

> The "full speed" groups seems to be of the opinion that NV and ATI 
> will solve the problem if Fedora adopts the Xorg 7.1.  Frankly, I 
> think this is a bit naive.   ATI & NV have need incentive to move 
> forward for Fedora.  If RH did the upgrade that broke the NV and ATI 
> drivers something would happen.  (BTW when is RH planning to move to 
> Xorg 7.1, I have no idea how to find that out.)

In the ATI and nVidia case, I couldn't care less about their binary drivers.
In fact breaking them will teach an important lesson to being relying on
them. And maybe these people could actually whine at the people who are really
causing their pain and get them thinking maybe it is a bad idea to not tell
people who buy their hardware how to use it.

> 	Emphasize usability and a "just works" philosophy in selecting 
> default configuration and designing features provided by Fedora.
> This seems to be broken with the deployment of Xorg in FC5.

No, it is broken by ATI and nVidia who make it impossible to support their
products. People shouldn't be buying their hardware.

> Let the Xorg 7.1 be part of FC6.  Use the Wiki to include how 
> to  upgrade to Xorg 7.1.

No I would like fixes available without having to upgrade to test versions
of FC6 (from which their may not be a migration path to the release version)
or wait until FC6 is released.

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