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Re: Leaving?

Dnia 28-07-2006, pią o godzinie 22:01 +0100, Paul napisał(a):
> Doesn't. When you install the nVidia driver, it alters the xorg file
> which FC doesn't fix when you go through the set up.
I went through this yesterday - I replaced my GeForce 4 card with Voodoo
3 without removing nvidia packages (livna ones, altering xorg.conf on
every boot). All went smooth except for the one thing livna's nvidia-glx
breaks tdfx DRI on every reboot (like you say), but I have 2D working
perfectly (and I won't expect Doom 3 to run on Voodoo 3 anyhow).

Oh, and I had to restore my ModeLine, which is a hack aiming to break
the monitor and no Joe Average does this anyhow.

Maybe switching from nvidia to nv instead of tdfx gives people more
problems, I don't know for sure, but it's not highly probable to me.

> You also have the added "what the hell is all of this" factor - when
> faced with choosing modes, colour depths and the such, quite a lot of
> people will panic. 
It's "thousands of colours", "millions of colours", which is better than
scaring the user with "16bpp", "24bpp" :)

I know it's still tough choice, but simply accepting the default still
gives you graphical environment. It's not that bad. Windows goes to
800x600 when it breaks, too. The grand-parent message was talking about
absolute lack of fail safe mode and going to runlevel 3, which really
isn't necessary, or wasn't when I tried yesterday.


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