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Re: Leaving?


> > Doesn't. When you install the nVidia driver, it alters the xorg file
> > which FC doesn't fix when you go through the set up.
> I went through this yesterday - I replaced my GeForce 4 card with Voodoo
> 3 without removing nvidia packages (livna ones, altering xorg.conf on
> every boot). All went smooth except for the one thing livna's nvidia-glx
> breaks tdfx DRI on every reboot (like you say), but I have 2D working
> perfectly (and I won't expect Doom 3 to run on Voodoo 3 anyhow).

Hello. My name is Dev Ilsadvokate. I know of the fedora update things,
but what on Earth is a livna? I just used the ones from the nVidia

Now, why isn't my system working after the latest update?

Now do you see the problem?


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