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Re: [RHEL5 PATCH 1/2] Fix RAID5 components

Aron Griffis wrote:
Prarit Bhargava wrote: [Fri Jul 28 2006, 10:24:53AM EDT]
+config MD_RAID5_IA64
+	bool "RAID 5 support for IA64"
+	depends on MD_RAID456 && IA64
+	default y
+	---help---
+	Say "Y" if you plan on using RAID5 in IA64

This looks wrong to me.  If somebody selects CONFIG_RAID456 on ia64
then clearly they're intending to use it on ia64.

The issue is that CONFIG_RAID456 is tristate, and if it's config'd as a module, then
#ifdef CONFIG_RAID456 is not true.

One option would be to remove the quoted description ("RAID 5 support
for IA64") then it wouldn't show up in the menu and would be
automatically selected if the conditions were met.  But it's still
adding an arch-specific depend in a generic Kconfig, so I don't think
it's the right answer.

Yeah ... I was thinking about that too. Maybe the option does belong in the arch specific stuff.

(In hindsight maybe I should have RFC'd this ;) )
This looks wrong too.  Since this is in arch/ia64, there's should be
no need to have an arch-specific lib-$(CONFIG_MD_RAID5_IA64), the old
invocation should work fine.

See above comment about MD_RAID456 = m ...  It definately does not work.

Could you explain what is wrong presently so we can find the right

See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=196903

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