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Re: Leaving?

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 15:49:57 -0700
Ryan Hodges <rhodges cisco com> wrote:

> This thread isn't capturing any additional value.  The solution is not
> to point the finger at NVIDIA or ATI or anyone else.  We shouldn't feel
> entitled to them meeting open source release schedules. The Fedora
> Project makes all decisions related to what it releases and will be held
> accountable to those decisions.

Nobody is demanding that they meet open source release schedules.  But
the flip side is equally true, they shouldn't expect open source release
schedules to meet their needs.  Fedora should release it's offerings
to the open source users as it sees fit without being held hostage
by the release schedules of 3rd parties.

> Decisions are being made based on the current philosophy of the Fedora
> Project. Some people are advocating a change to that philosophy, which
> is fine.  Is there a better process to advocate that change.  At this
> point I'm waiting for some kind of leadership board to step in and say,
> "We made the decision and stand by it.  If you want to complain, send
> your emails to <some_non-dev_alias>. Here's how you can influence future
> decisions of the board.


> I'm sensing a lack of leadership here.

Yes, many people are just complaining about binary-driver support and not
standing up to lead the task of actually providing that support.

> By the way, many comments were made that were making presumptions about
> the make-up of Fedora's customer base.  I'm wondering if the Fedora
> Project or RedHat has done any market research into the use of Fedora.

There are no customers, Fedora isn't a product.  So "market research" is
a misnomer.  Fedora has never had a goal of capturing "market share" and
the comments in this thread reflect that.  The goals of the project have
been made pretty clear and that is to supply the best open source
software possible to its users.


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