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Re: Leaving?

edwardsa wrote:
Sorry to butt in here. I have spent a lot of time using Debian and a
litte using FC. In Debian stable means stable. You don't screw around
with the distribution to make it look cool(er) or even to add
capabilities. It's a promise to the community that you can use this
without fear of finding an update breaks things. In the Debian distro, if you want newer things, you use testing. I realize that FC tries to move new relases of, say, KDE, gnome, and xorg into their stable distribution more quickly, so stability is less sachrosanct. At the same time, the
Debian community may be even less sympathetic to third party binary
complaints. However, I think that the disregard of third-party codes is
actually short-sighted. As Linux becomes more widely accepted, it will
encounter more third-party codes. More users will get the attention of
commercial software vendors so that there will be more available. Only
if linux would like to remain a hobbyist's OS would it ignore this
problem. I'm not claiming that there is an easy solution. One of the
great advantages of linux, that it is not monolithic, is also one of its greatest obstacles when dealing with commercial vendors. I don't know how the governing bodies of various distro's will choose to deal with this,
but arrogance would be a poor choice.

Fedora is a free, open source, rapidly moving distribution. If you need ABI stability - there ae other distros that may serve your need better?

This is by choice!


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