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Re: FC6 and cdburning

fre, 28 07 2006 kl. 20:26 -0400, skrev Jesse Keating:
> On Friday 28 July 2006 20:21, David Nielsen wrote:
> > It does not only affect Plextor users, I count TEAC as well and I have
> > heard NEC also suffers. I also know of a number of users with unnamed
> > hardware who has hit this problem.
> >
> > This is a regression, it worked in FC4 and it was rejected for FC5 - I
> > was under the impression that it would indeed be a target for fixing in
> > FC6.
> Ah, the bug report seemed filled w/ plextor users.  I have a NEC at work and 
> it works fine.

I count at least one TEAC user in the bug, I have a TEAC SCSI drive
lying around if I can find it I'll test to confirm. Regardless Plextor
is a well known brand which has seen a lot of deployment. 

> The root of the problem may in fact be in the kernel, and we can't very well 
> ship the FC4 kernel in FC6.

It _is_ the kernel, we limited the commands we can send as users to
disallow say a local user to flash the firmware and do damage. We are
NOT asking you to ship an old kernel, that is an absurd suggestion which
nobody proposed. There has to be an acceptable solution but despite
asking for suggestions none has been proposed.

> Can you state, without a doubt, what the exact problem is and an exact way to 
> fix it?

I've been asking the same thing for ages mate, the lovely DaveJ hasn't
been very responsive aside when he rejected the bug for FC5 and I'm just
a mindless tester.

Nor have any of the suffering users been asked for additional
information so I doubt any of us have a decent idea where to begin or we
would probably have started poking around rather than doing those nasty
suid hacks.

- David Nielsen

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