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Re: FC6 and cdburning

On Friday 28 July 2006 20:58, David Nielsen wrote:
> It is an upstream change, that much is clear it is related to the SCSI
> command change from a while back, that does not mean we shouldn't at
> least propose a fix or ask the reporters for more information.. We know
> it's broken, we've known for months. This is probably the single most
> active bug I have ever had to deal with and all we've seen is users
> saying "me too".
> I report bugs to Fedora, my life is to short to track down every single
> projects bugzilla, create accounts and repeat the information. I use
> Fedora, if the maintainer of the package feels the bug report needs to
> go upstream he can ask me to do so. The bug has not been closed as
> NOTOURBUG and it directly affects users of Fedora. It worked with FC4,
> we lived with the regression in FC5.. please don't make us suffer in FC6
> as well.

DaveJ's comment still stands.  We need a way in upstream kernel to have a list 
of safe commands per device.  This infrastructure doesn't exist right now.  
The commands are sanitized at a different level.  We could suid cdrecord, but 
that's a security flaw.  We could just allow all commands, but what might 
be 'enable BURN-proof' on one drive may be 'flash firmware' on another.  I 
seem to remember another distro had an issue that was perm damaging certain 
cdrom drives, I wonder if this is related.  I'd much rather see a little 
necessary work around rather than blown up drives.

So we know what needs to be done, unfortunately our kernel team doesn't have 
the bandwidth to deal with this rightnow.  Since this is in the kernel since 
around 2.6.8, I wonder what other distributions are doing to resolve this 

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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