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Re: Leaving? (cont'd)

Arthur Pemberton writes:

these bad vibes. We the users have waited for updates before. I
haven't been able to use and .17 kernel released by Fedora: I filed a
bug report, but I am pretty sure no one cares. To break my system,
would be wholey unfair, it has worked so well (aside from the kernel)

Life's a bitch. When 2.6.14 was released, it broke my main server. Every kernel since then, until 2.6.17, vomited all over itself, in a rather spectacular fashion, a few seconds after boot. Finally, six months later, when the 2.6.17 kernel was released, whatever the bloody bug was it got fixed, and I was able to boot the current Fedora kernel, again.

And I've got another server here that's still waiting for the first 2.6 kernel to show up that can actually boot on it. This one is still running FC1.

You'll just have to continue using your last bootable kernel, until your bug gets fixed. Your bug, provided that you've entered sufficient diagnostics into Bugzilla (meaning at least a kernel BUG or an OOPS) to confirm that it's a real bug, will simply be marked as an open issue. Unless your bug can be trivially isolated, with an easy, obvious fix, nobody is going to care. They'll wait until this bug gets nailed in the Linux kernel, and eventually percolate down to the Fedora kernel. Nobody really cared about me being unable to boot any 2.6.14, 2.6.15, and 2.6.16 kernel, either. That's life for you.

From my admittedly limited understanding of the problem, this seems to
be little more than a programming problem. The parameters that would
cause breakage seem to be known  by you guy. RPM supports the use of
post and pre scripts, can't these be used to go around this problme?

I don't know what your problem is. But if you're getting nailed by a kernel bug, it is highly improbable that it can be fixed by an RPM post/pre script.

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