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Re: mirrorlist plugin broken?


seth vidal <skvidal linux duke edu> wrote:

> 1. is there a proxy running somewhere which might be returning bogus
> results?

There is no proxy.

> 2. put each of those urls into your repo file as the one and sole
> baseurl - then you can tell which is which.

Of course this is no longer happening now that I am trying to
figure it out.

> 3. The mirrorlist cgi does the following:
>    - take repomd.xml from the canonical mirror at redhat.com - get
> timestamp from inside file of the primary.xml.gz entry
>    - downlowd repomd.xml from each of the mirrors and compare this value
>    - only mirrors where the value is the same are kept

How often is this done?

Would it be possible to make yum output the URI of every file it
tries to retrieve on some debug level?

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