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Re: FC6 and cdburning

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Saturday 29 July 2006 08:12, dragoran wrote:
no ignoring this only because it only effetcs plextor users is _wrong_
if we can't fix it in time we should downgrade cd record to the fc4
version, but this can be fixed in the kernel; we only need to allow the
commands that gets blocked by the kernel for all devices (not all
commands but the commands that cdrecord uses)

If I recall, there is significant reason why we updated cdrecord. I don't know those reasons off the top of my head.

breaking burning for many users isn't really a solution, we should try to fix the problem which should be solved by the update by backporting the fix or anything like this...
The problem with allowing commands is that they are different per device. What might be BURNFREE for one device could very well be FLASH FIRMWARE on another device.

where have you got this info from? sounds odd .. aren't such commands defined in some spec so that all devices uses them (correct me if I am wrong)

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