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PC speaker fixed (was: Re: FC6 and cdburning)

Steve G wrote :

> >Blacklist the module.
> >
> >echo "blacklist pcspkr" >> /etc/modprob.d/blacklist
> Honestly, do we have to do that? Something changed its behavior and I don't think
> every person that downloads fedora should have to blacklist it. I heard a rumor
> that maybe udev is responsible. Is there a change in it that would have done
> this?

Oh, it's not just me!

I've been annoying everyone in the office for the last few weeks : GDM
beeps at startup, many remote servers I connect to through ssh still
have their terminal bell on (and disabling the local one in
gnome-terminal doesn't take care of them), and I now realized for
the first time that minicom plays some kind of music when it finishes
xmodem transfers!!! I'm sure co-workers thought I caught a virus from
the 80's of that I was playing some old DOS-based game...

I really thought this was an ALSA bug, because I have a "PC Speak"
mixer available, which I've always muted just in case. Shouldn't it
actually mute the PC speaker or is it something totally different?


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
Fedora Core release 5.91 (FC6 Test2) - Linux kernel 2.6.17-1.2462.fc6
Load : 0.12 0.21 0.47

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