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Re: mirrorlist plugin broken?

Florian La Roche wrote :

> > What's not open source about geoip? The software is open at the very
> > least, it's in extras.
> > 
> > I read through the rules there appears to be a functional free version -
> > which is what we're using - the one that's in extras.
> >From their website I didn't think they have a reasonable free version.
> The Fedora Extras package mentions a 97% accurate database for the
> free version which does sound ok to me.
> Let's see if .cgi holds up or if e.g. we can use the timezone setting
> or other items to start with sane defaults.
> > 
> > According to extras it is GPL'd.
> Yep.

Well, not entirely. The data is definitely not GPL. It's shipped by
upstream in the tarball containing all the GPL code and API without any
mention of its different license... this is clearly a bug that they
should take care of, and that we should take care of in the meantime.

I've already reported it here :


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