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Re: Leaving? (cont'd)

On 7/31/06, Rahul <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
Arthur Pemberton wrote:

>> From my admittedly limited understanding of the problem, this seems to
> be little more than a programming problem. The parameters that would
> cause breakage seem to be known  by you guy. RPM supports the use of
> post and pre scripts, can't these be used to go around this problme?
> If not, why not do parallel releases. I seem to remember this being
> done for at least gstreamer. have the xorg packages, and parallel
> xorg71 packages. Those who need the 7.1 updates, can switch over to
> xorg71, the rest of us will continue as normal, and hopefully, the
> entire issue will be resolved by FC6.

Gstreamer was designed to be parallely installable while Xorg is not.
Having multiple versions in this is going to require major hacks. Not
really feasible.


I wasn't suggesting parallel installs exactly, more like replaceable
installs (for lack of a better word) , either or, the diff. names
would be for the sake of rpm and yum.

To be updated...

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