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Changing the default font in Fedora Core 6


As you may (or may not) know the current default Fedora fonts suffer
from several problems :
1. their licensing may preclude them from being fixed when a glyph is
bad or missing (problems like this are reported every few weeks)
2. sometimes they haven't changed for years (usually in conjonction with
3. they may mack modern Opentype features and be plain ugly on a modern

The default distribution font is not a trivial matter, as it plays a big
role in user appreciation of the Fedora GUI. Even the LSB is worrying
about the font situation under Linux (http://lwn.net/Articles/186613/).

Last October Rahul Sundaram opened a RFE to have this situation changed:

However at the time it was felt we were too close to FC5 release to make
the switch. Since we're quickly approaching the point at which a FC6
switch won't be possible either, I'd like everyone interested in this
problem to read the bugzilla entry, and contribute whatever they can to
get this issue resolved before FC6. Or we will suck greatly another full
release (at least).

Since I'm the Fedora Extras maintainer of the font Rahul proposed, my
own selfish interest in this issue is to get a resolution so proponents
and opponents of the change stop hammering my inbox.


Nicolas Mailhot

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