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compiz on aiglx redux


I've revisited compiz on aiglx and at this point, if you're running
rawhide (fedora development), it's a matter of installing the i386 RPM
found here:


There's a SRPM there too for other architectures, rebuild using

    rpmbuild --rebuild compiz-0.0.13.fedora1-3.src.rpm

To run compiz, first start the gnome-window-decorator process in the
background, then run compiz as

    compiz --replace gconf

I have an FC5 repository for those who want to try it out on FC5, but
I need to dust it off and actually rebuild the relevant packages
there.  I'll send out an update later this week once that's done.

To make this work, we're carrying a few patches in the rawhide X
server and Mesa RPMs.  All patches, including compiz patches, Mesa 6.5
and xserver 1.1.0 are available here:


All the mesa patches are already in CVS so it should be possible to
run it against an unpatched CVS snapshot.  Of the X server patches the
convolution filter is comitted on git head, and I'll commit the
tfp_damage optimization soon, but the gl_include_inferiors hack is not
going to be committed.  Ideally, compiz will use the composite overlay
window at some point, but I don't what David's take is on that.  So
for now I've added a hack to let compiz tell the X server to not clip
GL rendering against the root window.

The compiz patches are a mix of fedora branding, workarounds for
Xgl/aiglx differences and a couple of features/bug fixes.
Specifically,  I think the composite-cube-logo, fbconfig-depth-fix and
new-cm-selection patches are ready for compiz upstream.


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