Fedora's way forward

Andy Burns fedora at adslpipe.co.uk
Tue Mar 28 13:17:04 UTC 2006

Denis Leroy wrote:

> I think it's worth pointing that FC5 Extras shipping
> with a fully working libgcj-happy Azureus app is, i think, a remarkable
> achievement.

Indeed it is, I'm pleased to see it there, performance can be a little 
variable though, sometimes it barrels along at my full 1Mb/s ADSL rate, 
but usually it "falls off" to zero a few bytes per second (up and down)

I realise that speed can be one of the vagaries of bittorrent, so I've 
done most(all?) the usual checks (throttled upload to below my ADSL 
uplink speed, open firewall ports for TCP and UDP, keep seeding after 
having downloaded, use ports other than 688X in case of packet shaping 
by my or my peers' ISP)

I often find that when it is stalled like this I need to exit azureus 
(which often fails to close cleanly and then has to check the files 
again) and then restart, it will be fine for another hour or so.

I literally only finished downloading the FC5 i386 and x886_64 DVD .ISOs 
last night because of this, having started as soon as the official 
torrents went up, I wasn't in a rush as I already had the "final" 
rawhide up to date.

I've been considering logging a bugzilla entry for azureus (Anthony 
Green was very helpful during the FC5T1/2/3 period) but held off because 
I wasn't sure if it was "just me" as obviously there are more factors 
involved than the code.

Talking of code, If I turn on console logging I do see more than a few 
runtime errors about array bounds and exceptions in the 
readControllerLoop which could be having an impact.

So the point of this long ramble is to ask if anyone else has similar 
problems achieving sustained high throughputs on "good" torrents, or if 
there might be an issue worth investigating?

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