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Dax Kelson dax at
Mon Mar 27 22:29:19 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 15:24 -0500, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Joe Desbonnet <jdesbonnet at>:
> > The Thinkpad seems to be cropping up alot in bug reports...
> No surprise there.  It's the elite laptop, and has been since it
> displaced the Sony VAIOs some time back.  I don't think I've met a
> Linux hacker in the last five years who carried anything else for
> reasons other than costs-too-much.
> >                                                     after a
> > lot of sweat and tears I have regained most of my Thinkpad's
> > functionality since the upgrade (actually a fresh install repeated
> > several times).
> Have you managed to get suspend/resume to work reliably?  On my X40
> the situation is bad...

With FC5, my Thinkpad T42p does suspend/resume reliably after adding the
kernel parameter "acpi_sleep=s3_bios" to my grub.conf. No other tweaks
were needed (1).

Did you check out the information on the ThinkWiki (that is a *awesome*
resource for Linux using ThinkPad owners)?

In particular:

Dax Kelson
Guru Labs

(1) I may have spotted a problem using the burner after a suspend/resume
cycle. I think I remember reading something about that -- DMA not being
re-enabled but that a fix was available.

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