Thinkpad, Thinkpad, Thinkpad

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Mon Mar 27 22:59:28 UTC 2006

Dax Kelson <dax at>:
> With FC5, my Thinkpad T42p does suspend/resume reliably after adding the
> kernel parameter "acpi_sleep=s3_bios" to my grub.conf.  

Hah!   Works on an X40 as well. I'll add this workaround to the bug I entered;
also at my HOWTO, <>.
> Did you check out the information on the ThinkWiki (that is a *awesome*
> resource for Linux using ThinkPad owners)?
> In particular:

Yes, that's how I developed the recipe I used to publish in my HOWTO for FC4.
The recipe didn't work for FC5, however, apparently because with the 
in-kernel support the suspend/resume events no longer go through acpid.

How did you make lid close do a suspend as it should?  
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