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Re: Fedora's way forward


If art is all you have to complain about then that shows just how far we have come. I'd rather see art relegated to the sidelines so people can choose a distro on real tangible features. Or would you rather people chose Ubuntu for it's brownness, Fedora for it's blueness or Suse/Novell for it's greenness?

The point about handling modern media is more interesting for me. As a geek user I'm *this* close to re-ripping my entire collection as ogg. The main motivator is because it's more open than mp3. Fedora has been a strong influence in this. At work I can imagine Fedora being used on the desktop and the lack of multimedia support would not be a big issue.

I think it's clear that there are distros with more seamless support for media out there, and it's never been that much of an impediment for Fedora. Notwithstanding that, a separate commercial addons disk might help bring more users to Fedora. I don't think anyone would stand in the way of a third party doing this - so if you really believe it, put your money where your mouth is... I can't speak for RH but I imagine they are more focused on keeping the developers happy than users, and developers get by with livna et al.


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