Fedora's way forward

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Wed Mar 29 05:16:09 UTC 2006

[Please quote more appropriately rather than including the entire mail
while replying to it]

> Right on the money Eric.
> I love Fedora Core. In the world of Linux it is The Class Act. However I
> would like to see it's core philosophical paradigm expanded to
> accommodate the pragmatic reality of what the average user really wants
> and what he actually installs on his Fedora machine in practice.

You mean to say that Fedora should give up its support towards Free and
open source software and adopt proprietary formats and software in the
name of pragmatism. Not a good idea IMO. There are already other
distributions out there which does this if this is really the only thing
you want. 


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