Fedora's way forward

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 06:40:47 UTC 2006

On 3/29/06, Eric S. Raymond <esr at thyrsus.com> wrote:
> Take audio as an example.  Yes, Ogg Vorbis is a better format.  I rip
> all my CDs to Ogg Vorbis, and I'm totally behind the idea that we
> should encourage everyone to do likewise.  That's our ODF.  But the
> reality is that J. Random User wants to listen to podcasts, and the
> podcasts are in MP3.  That's our Microsoft Word.

The Word format is patented encumbered? I didn't know that, thanks for
clearing that up by drawing a direct parallel between mp3 and word
document format.

Please, can you please please stop throwing around poorly constructed
analogies when you know there is more than simple reverse-engineering
of a closed format that's invovled. Why do you persist with muddying
the waters when you have already admitted that when you wrote the
original post you were working under the wrong assumptions with regard
to the mp3 paten situations. Please stop contributing to the problme
of misinformation by drawing parallels to other reverse-engineering
efforts which you know very well are don't exist in the same legal
contex. This isn't constructive.


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