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nss_ldap using sasl with gssapi. Kerberos credentials cache problem

I have been installing nss_Ldap for sasl connections to a Windows 2003 R2 infrastructure and run into some problems. It turns out that the package distributed with FC5 and in development have an incorrect option set with the configuration for the configuration file feature krb5_ccname to work.

The configure line currently uses --enable-configurable-krb5-ccname which does not do anything useful. It should either read --enable-configurable-krb5-ccname-env or --enable-configurable-krb5-ccname-gssapi to make this work. I have chosen the second as the first does not confer any advantage in allowing the environment to override in the current implementation.

Without this setting then the calling environment must have a credential cache set up for the code to work - the behaviour of both the nscd and the general calling environment give local errors when there is not credentials cache defined.

Howard Wilkinson



Coherent Technology Limited



23 Northampton Square,



London, United Kingdom, EC1V 0HL


howard cohtech com


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