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Re: Minimal X Config File and Compiz

David Nielsen wrote:
tir, 12 09 2006 kl. 14:08 -0400, skrev Jesse Keating:
On Tuesday 12 September 2006 13:37, Thomas J. Baker wrote:
Sorry, I should have phrased it better. I know how to enable it by hand.
My question was about the self configuring X and if it was supposed to
be enabling composite/dri/whatever-compiz-needs automatically.
A default install for me on i386, I haven't touched xorg.conf other than to change from i810 to intel. I yum installed compiz, restarted X for the intel driver, and used system -> preferences -> more -> Desktop Effects and enabled it. I get compiz goodness.

Worked entirely out of the box using my r300 based ATI Radeon 9600XT
card. No changes required. However my monitor isn't correctly detected
(IBM P92) so there's a slight offset and I believe the resolution is set
to high, I handled that in the desktop session so it only looks silly
during boot and gdm.

Did you solve the Firefox scrolling issue with compiz on an r300 based card? Firefox becomes unusably slow over here (Radeon 9500pro) when I switch to compiz but the effects themselves work smoothly.


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