Minimal X Config File and Compiz

Adam Jackson ajackson at
Wed Sep 13 13:11:56 UTC 2006

Thomas J. Baker wrote:
> In theory, is the minimal X config file supposed to support compiz? On
> my ATI R100 based laptop, this is not the case. Compiz says 'no sync
> extension' and quits.


This was typically caused by an older bug where we'd write out a Module 
section that only contained Load "synaptics", instead of the correct 
nothing.  An empty or missing module section loads the default set, 
which includes extmod, which provides the sync extension.  Load 
"synaptics" is semantically bogus, since drivers get loaded 
automatically when you name them in a Device or InputDevice section, so 
we just removed the code to emit that Load line and it works now.

I strongly suspect your xorg.conf contains a section that looks like:

Section "Module"
     Load "synaptics"

Delete it and things should start working.

(This is a widely-duped bug in bz but I can't be bothered to look up the 
number right now.)

- ajax

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