Minimal X Config File and Compiz

Thomas J. Baker tjb at
Wed Sep 13 14:52:10 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-13 at 09:11 -0400, Adam Jackson wrote:
> Thomas J. Baker wrote:
> > In theory, is the minimal X config file supposed to support compiz? On
> > my ATI R100 based laptop, this is not the case. Compiz says 'no sync
> > extension' and quits.
> Yes.
> This was typically caused by an older bug where we'd write out a Module 
> section that only contained Load "synaptics", instead of the correct 
> nothing.  An empty or missing module section loads the default set, 
> which includes extmod, which provides the sync extension.  Load 
> "synaptics" is semantically bogus, since drivers get loaded 
> automatically when you name them in a Device or InputDevice section, so 
> we just removed the code to emit that Load line and it works now.
> I strongly suspect your xorg.conf contains a section that looks like:
> Section "Module"
>      Load "synaptics"
> EndSection
> Delete it and things should start working.
> (This is a widely-duped bug in bz but I can't be bothered to look up the 
> number right now.)
> - ajax

That of course fixed it. It still doesn't fix the debilitating hang
system on login with compiz enabled bug
( but it
does seem to make scrolling not as slow in firefox and full screen
gnome-terminals for me.

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