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FC6t2 Anaconda/installer bug with dd: loads wrong module


I'm using IBM Blade servers with Qlogic qla4xxx iSCSI HBA adapters.

Fedora Core kernels don't include the qla4xxx driver for these HBAs. 

I've made my own custom driver disk (dd) images for FC6 test2 [1], but can't get 
these images to work. Same kind of custom made dd images work well in RHEL4.. so
something has changed with the driver disk support, I just can't figure out what.

The problem seems to be that fedora installer (anaconda) loads wrong
module.. for some unknown reason it loads tg3 module instead of qla4xxx. See
screenshots [2].

If I load the cd/floppy dd-images over http, then the installer won't load
anything.. and just gives error: "no devices of the appropriate type were
found on this driver disk". In this case the tg3 is already loaded..

My driver disk (dd) images [1] look like 100% OK to me.. PCI IDs are double
checked. In fact all the files containing PCI IDs are the same as in RHEL4
dd images (which work OK). I've also checked the "official" qla4xxx dd
images for RHEL4 by Qlogic. My images look like the same (except that the
modules are compiled for FC kernels - of course).

Ravi Anand from Qlogic also checked out my dd image, and said it looks

I had the same issue with FC5 also.. 

So, what has changed after RHEL4 in the driver disk handling? 
I think it Would be quite important to get this working for final FC6.. and RHEL5.


[1] http://pasik.reaktio.net/fc-dd/
[2] http://pasik.reaktio.net/fc-dd/problem_screenshots/

-- Pasi

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