yum-presto 0.3.4

Leszek Matok Lam at Lam.pl
Wed Apr 4 05:39:27 UTC 2007

Dnia 03-04-2007, wto o godzinie 16:39 +0300, Jonathan Dieter napisał(a):
> Yum-presto 0.3.4 is ready.  It's main feature is a patch from Ahmed
> Kamal that rebuilds the rpms in a separate thread so that the
> processor-hungry rebuilding process happens in parallel to the
> network-hungry deltarpm download process.
> I'm not pushing it to the presto repository because it's only been
> tested on my machine, so I'd like to hear from at least two or three
> people that it doesn't break their machines.
(5/11): krb5-libs-1.5_1.5 100% |=========================|  81 kB    00:02     
Exception in thread Thread-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/threading.py", line 442, in __bootstrap
  File "/usr/share/presto/prestoThread.py", line 39, in run
    messages = apply(self.run_function, retval)
  File "/usr/share/presto/prestoDownload.py", line 78, in reconstruct
    retlist += "Built %s from deltarpm\n" % (os.path.basename(po.localpath), os.path.basename(deltalocal))
TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

(6/11): openssh-server-4. 100% |=========================|  60 kB    00:01     

It continued to download drpms, but then went on to download full rpms
of the same packages. I had to kill yum of course (when is ^\ going to
start working?). Now every time I start yum, it shows me identical trace
dump, before downloading any packages (now it downloads full rpms only).

Oh, and it remembered that drpms are unrebuildable and wants to download
everything again. Is there some magic command (yum clean presto-cache or
something) to make it use the drpms on the next run (when the bug is

Thanks for working on that change. My normal setup is a fast computer
with a very slow link, but this weekend I tested yum-presto on a Celeron
800 and a 1 Mbps link, when drpms allowed me to save ~300 MiB of
downloading, but took ages to rebuild, when nothing was actually
downloading (with 500 MiB of full rpms in the queue). If this background
rebuilding works, I'm totally happy :)

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