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Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Fri Apr 6 23:33:29 UTC 2007

Cody Tracy <fuse1031blue <at>> writes:
> This OS rocks.  My favorite flavor of linux.  I'm a C++ programmer
> pretty comfortable with Qt4 and willing to write applications.  Let me know!

Maybe you want to help out with KDE 4 packaging?

We currently have packages (packaged by me) for kdelibs4, kdepimlibs4 and 
kdebase4 3.80.3 which are fully parallel-installable with KDE 3 up in the 
kde-redhat unstable repo. Right now, these don't need attention, but in less 
than a month, KDE 4 Alpha 1 will be out so the packages will need updating. You 
may also want to help packaging some of the software new in KDE 4. Fedora 7 is 
too early for a full KDE 4 desktop to replace KDE 3, but having individual KDE 
4 apps run could be useful, especially if there's no KDE 3 equivalent. I hope 
that Fedora 8 will come with KDE 4 as the default KDE, but some help will 
probably be needed to make that happen too. (I definitely can't do this all 
alone. I don't know what the other people working on KDE in Fedora are planning 
for Fedora 8, as currently all the focus is obviously on Fedora 7, so I never 
got around to discussing this.)

Or if you hate packaging, you could just use my packages to develop some nice 
KDE 4 app and have me or somebody else package it for Fedora.

        Kevin Kofler

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