Provides: MTA and smtpdaemon?

Patrice Dumas pertusus at
Mon Apr 9 15:47:50 UTC 2007

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 11:35:26AM -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Monday 09 April 2007 11:10:49 Ville Skyttä wrote:
> > Use of the "mta" alternative seems to be in order, but I thought the
> > "correct" way to fix the rest would be to add "Provides: MTA" to sendmail
> > and esmtp, and remove "Provides: smtpdaemon" from ssmtp.  This way the
> > "mta" alternative and "MTA" Provides would be in sync, and only things that
> > actually run SMTP daemons would provide "smtpdaemon".
> Looks more to me like 'MTA' is an accident and should be removed in favor of 
> leaving just "mta".  All things that require 'MTA' should be fixed for 
> just 'mta'.

Wouldn't it be better to remove completly mta/MTA but instead use
/usr/sbin/sendmail or mail as Requires? And use smtpdameon when a real
smtp server/Mail Transfer Agent is needed ?


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