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Re: Opinions: Providing "buildsys-macros" in the installed system

On Wednesday 28 March 2007 19:34:05 Jesse Keating wrote:
> I propose we ship these macros in something like redhat-rpm-config for each
> release, so that when somebody is rebuilding a package on their system, the
> macros are defined correctly for whatever release they are running.  If
> they are rebuilding for another release/distribution, they really should be
> using mock, and having redhat-rpm-config define the right things within
> their mock chroot.

After reading the feedback, I think we're all on the same page.  I've asked 
the redhat-rpm-config maintainer that these macros be added into the 
redhat-rpm-config package so that they will be available on the installed 

For devel that means:

%fedora 7
%dist fc7
%fc7 1

will all be defined.

The only "missing" macro at this point would be 
%__arch_install_post     /usr/lib/rpm/check-buildroot

however this would bring in 48+megs of deps to redhat-rpm-config that I'm not 
comfortable with.  This macro can be defined within a mock config or a 
buildsystem config, perhaps not something we need by default on end user's 

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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