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Re: Future New Init for FC7?

2007/4/3, dragoran <drago01 gmail com>:
Mark wrote:
> i wasn`t expecting so much reactions on this topic..
> the more the better though.
> but i think that the boot time can be brought down alot just be providing
> some more options for the boot progress.. for example.. let the users
> choose
> which kernel modules should load..
> things like that could make a change
this does not make any sense... the kernel / udev should only load
needed modules everything else is a bug

fedora-devel-list mailing list
fedora-devel-list redhat com

actually i am using und helping with development of initng since
around a year now on my boxes and it wfm. i boot graphically into gdm
in about 15 seconds with some basics and NetworkManager started.

initng currently has some dependency driven system. that means also
that dependecys of services are started automatically once the system
is up.
services are parallel executed upon startup.

initng will also get an event plugin for event functionality and also
has a nice modular design.

with the next release iteration there will also be a new init script
system using posix compliant init scripts.

yet i only saw upstart running in compat mode and upstart in compat
mode has exactly 0 benefits towards systemV because it still uses the
systemV init scripts without parallel execution plus it adds yet
another useless sleeping process in that state.

launchd doesent build on linux for me yet. if anyone has patches it
would be great if he could make em public.

Rudolf Kastl

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