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Re: JBoss and Fedora

Le Ven 6 avril 2007 01:42, John Poelstra a écrit :
> Timothy Spaulding said the following on 04/05/2007 04:21 PM Pacific Time:
>> What's going on with the JBoss acquisition?  Are there plans in place to
>> get JBoss packaged with
>> Fedora and released as an open source product?  Any insights?

> Lots of stuff is already here: http://labs.jboss.com/portal/

Nothing properly packaged in rpm form in a yum repo (what John asked for).
That's useless for people who don't want to hand-deploy their software
(and a big reason why java in general never took of under Linux)

John: you can't package JBoss properly if you don't package a JVM, Fedora
will only package FLOSS code and the consensus seems to be it's more
efficient to wait for the actual Java 7 SUN GPL release than make gcj
feature-complete enough for JBoss. If no JBoss packages appear in Fedora
after this JVM release, please yell.

In the meanwhile you can try the jpackage JBoss packaging.


Nicolas Mailhot

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